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Top 5 Horn Brands in India

  • August 14, 2021
  • 4 min read
Top 5 Horn Brands in India

Do you know the top brands in India? Well, we are here to brush up your knowledge on horns, the vital aspect of every car or bike. It’s a key safety feature used for alerting drivers on the road from any potential risk.

The horns are designed to produce loud noise to draw people’s attention. You rely on horns massively when you are on the road. Thus, investing in high-quality horns is extremely crucial for your vehicle. 

Buying horns in India from a reputed brand or seller is a must. You don’t want to end up with a defective or short-lived horn. 

We have compiled a list of the best car horn brands in India to shop from. These top brands are popular for their high-performance products that are durable and effective. 

5 Horn Brands in India You Must Check Out

1. Bosch Horns

Bosch horns are one of the best-selling horns online in India. Known for its enhanced audibility, durable material, and high sound level, Bosch is the top choice. You will get all kinds of horns, suitable for both external and internal mounting. Bosch horns are ultra-lightweight and thin in size, producing loud yet harmonic noises. 

The horns are impact and corrosion-resistance, designed as per European standards. You choose Bosch horns from a wide range, from off-roader horns to mini horns, impact horns, symphony horns, sharp tone horns, scarlet horns, Europa horns and many more. These horns produce soft, mellow sound to metallic sound with far-reaching penetrating power. 

2. Roots Horn

Roots horn is also an emerging brand in India and became popular within a very small time. Roots offer car horns in a wide collection, all ranging from a low price. The horn quality of the brand is extremely incredible and reliant on a loud sound. 

The brand provides 100% genuine horns, helping you get over lanes easily. Roots horns are easy to install, lightweight and safe. The horns are made using high-quality material and are extremely reliable for two, three or four-wheelers. You also get a choice of attractive design, worth flaunting every time. 

3. Hella Horns

Hella horns make a hell of a sound when you are on the road. The brand offers high performance and stylish horns, available at the lowest price. The horns are simply aesthetically pleasing, producing high penetrating sounds. 

The robust build of the Hella horns made them suitable for off-road usage. The impact and corrosion-resistant material make them long-lasting. Hella horns grab attention easily with their high sound and work perfectly on all kinds of models. Pretty easy to install and ensures you have a safe journey even on the compact Indian roads. 

4. Uno Minda Horns

Uno Minda is popular for its loud sound, suitable for busy roads in metropolitan cities. The company offers high tone and low tone car horns for better safety. Plus, the design and build of the car horns are extremely impressive and worth mounting on your vehicle.

The sleek and glossier look of these metallic horns makes them quite popular. These horns are also ultra-reliable, excellent for producing attention-grabbing sound on the road. These horns guarantee the attention required in crucial situations. The stylish design of Uno Minda horns ensures high quality and excellent design. You will experience no difficulties when installing the horns, the complete process takes 10 to 15 minutes of your time. 

5. PRIKNIK Horns

You will find a huge range of PRIKNIK horns for affordable prices. These horns are designed to keep you safe while driving on Indian roads. With a simple hit, these horns are a head-turner. 

The easy-to-fit design and enhanced sound quality make them suitable for every vehicle use. PRIKNIK horns are universal-fit, ultra-durable and offer a lot of features even at a low price. It produces a louder and sharper sound and gets people’s attention without deafening them. Horns are lightweight, robust in design and high performance. 

Installing these horns is quite effortless. It requires no external help or assistance of a mechanic, just read the user manual and install the products. The design of the horns are also quite stylish, they grab attention by their visuals and by sounds. 

If you are looking for high-quality horns, then these 5 horn brands are the best in India. You can choose from any of these brands in one place – Carorbis. 

India’s growing platform for premium automotive parts and accessories, Carorbis offers high-quality products for the most affordable prices. Shop car horns and other maintenance and safety products from top brands and OEM sellers. 

Carorbis provides top quality products for the lowest price in India along with several benefits. You get free home delivery, 24-hour dispatch, and hassle-free return with every product you buy. 

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