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Top 7 data science jobs available in today’s market

  • August 18, 2021
  • 6 min read
Top 7 data science jobs available in today’s market

How many of you know the exact meaning of Data Science? Although it’s not a common term that we use often, it is considered one of the top emerging technologies of the modern world. Data Science is basically a combination of various technical skills that uncover various insights of data produced in a single day. It extracts information from various sources to help in the decision-making and overall growth of an organization. The market of data science is growing at such a fast rate that it has opened a lot of career paths for skilled and technical professionals. The rise in demand for data science jobs is increasing with each passing minute and if you have skills, this field is best and highly rewarding for you.

Data Science is currently going through such a boom that is expected to be $16 billion by the end of 2025. This will automatically open a huge door for data science jobs and if you are a fresher and you have the ability to be a data scientist, this is the golden opportunity to convert your talent into skill. So, if you are really passionate about data science and artificial intelligence, here is the list of some of the data science jobs that you can apply to:

  1. Data Analyst: Data analysts generally evaluate large sets of data to create insights for their employees. They collect the data from the primary and secondary sources and reorganize it in such a way that it becomes easily understandable during the time of execution of a project. Apart from this, data analysts also need to work with the programmers, engineers to bring any improvement, modification, or changes in the overall working of the database. 
  2. Applying for the data analyst post, you must have a bachelor’s degree with proficiency in Python, SQL, Orale, etc. The average salary of a data analyst ranges from $42,000- $80,000 depending upon your skills and work experience. 
  3. Data Scientist: As the word suggests scientist so it’s a more technical and challenging job than a data analyst. This post requires higher qualifications and expert skills in coding, mathematics, statistics, analytics, and machine learning. A data scientist has to collect, analyze and interpret a large amount of data to create data-driven insights to ensure the smooth flow of information in an organization. Apart from this, they need to take care of large data sets by using different trends and patterns of data.
  4. Applying for the data scientist post you are required to have at least a master’s or Ph.D. designation with expertise in CS, Maths, Analytics, etc. The average salary of a data scientist ranges from $100,000- $150,000.
  5. Marketing Analyst: To grow any business or any organization, you need to have a strong marketing strategy and for that, you need a Marketing Analyst who can use different digital marketing tools to generate sales and profit for the organization. Marketing analysts generally monitor the sales trends and also evaluate different methods of collecting data online ie. online questionnaires and polls. Apart from this, they also need to keep an eye on the competitors, prepare reports and present them to the clients.
  6. Applying for the post of Marketing analyst you need to have a bachelor’s degree with more than 5 years of experience in marketing. Apart from this, you need to have excellent command over Ms. Office, web analytics, Seo, etc. The average salary for a marketing analyst ranges from $30,000 – $ 60,000.
  7. Data Architect: As the name suggests Architect, so you need to drive the overall company’s strategies and functions. You need to manage and store the data of the company, identify the needs, and then bring the best possible solution that will benefit the organization. Apart from this, you need to work with the stakeholders, external vendors to create a proper system and optimize the data.
  8. Applying for the post of data architect, you need to have a bachelor’s degree with expertise in data management programming, application designing, etc. The expected salary of a data architect ranges from $90,000 – $ 180,000. There is a huge demand for data architect professionals in the market which makes it one of the highest-paid data science jobs in India.
  9. Machine Learning Engineer: A machine learning engineer is a type of computer programmer who is mostly involved in developing software by creating different data funnels to ensure the smoothness of the database to drive insights and deliver required software solutions. Apart from this, they use the customer’s insights to protect and deploy the image of the company against any risk or fraud. 
  10. Applying for the post of machine learning engineer you need to have a master’s degree in CS with a stronghold on statistical and programming language. The average salary of a machine learning engineer ranges from $70,000- $110,000.
  11. Data Engineer: Like a normal engineer, a data engineer has the responsibility to work in a variety of settings i.e to collect the data, manage the data, convert the data into usable insights, and carry forward the information to the data scientists and data analysts to interpret. Apart from this, they have to collaborate with the other team members to work on the objectives of the company like incoming and outgoing data, security policies, etc. 
  12. Applying for the post of Data Engineer you must have at least a bachelor’s degree with expertise in programming languages like SQL, Orale, etc. The average salary of a data engineer ranges from $90,000-$150,000.
  13. Business Analyst: The main work of business analysts includes interpreting the data trends, comparing the past and present database using data analytics, and determining requirements to deliver recommendations and reports to the stakeholders. Apart from this, they provide a framework to the finance and IT departments to work on the strategies and optimize costs of the company.
  14. Applying for the post of Business Analyst, you need to have at least a bachelor’s degree with a minimum of 2 years of experience. The average salary of a Business Analyst ranges from $40,000 – $80,000.

I hope this article was helpful and it might have cleared your doubts regarding the best data science jobs that you can apply for in 2021.

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