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Top 7 Things To Do And See in Al Ain

  • August 8, 2021
  • 5 min read
Top 7 Things To Do And See in Al Ain

Al-Ain is one of the most famous cities of the Abu Dhabi Emirates. It is just a 90-minute drive away from the capital city. It is one of the historical cities of the United Arab Emirates as this city provides you with the history of almost 4000 years back. There are numerous lush green landscapes and well-known heritage sites waiting for you to visit them. This place could be your popular weekend break destination along with family or friends to spend some quality time and you can Also Explore Best Time To Visit Dubai for the best experience. 

This city has beautiful tourist attractions like water parks, an acclaimed zoo, and a palm-tree-filled oasis where you can certainly enjoy with your kids. Al-Ain can be the best place for history and culture lovers to visit as it is the only site in the UAE that is inscribed on UNESCO’s World Heritage Life. 

In this blog, we are going to share some of the top things that you can do and enjoy in Al Ain during your visit. 

1- View Beautiful Mountains of Jebel Hafeet  

The rugged counters of the Hafeet Mountains start from the edge of Al Ain city. In case you are looking for an amazing photography site over this city that is surrounded by beautiful desserts then a trip to the top of these mountains should be top of your visiting list. The distance between central Al Ain to the top is about 56 km. In the United Arab Emirates, this is the 2nd highest peak of the country at 1,240 meters and the highest in Abu Dhabi. While driving to this place, you may have winding mountain roads and scenic breathtaking views. 

2- Visit Al Ain Zoo

This zoo is the largest in the UAE and it was opened in 1969. It may have endemic animals like Arabian antelope, oryx, along with African giraffes, eland, and gazelles. This zoo also has a giant cat enclosure that features tigers, pumas, black and spotted leopards, lions, and jaguars. There is also a big monkey compound, reptile house, and aviary section in the Al Ain Zoo. This zoo is also popular in the country because of its research facilities, especially different breeding programs for the endangered native species of some animals. So this visit can be an informative visit for you. 

3- Take your Kids to Wadi Adventure Park 

This park is located at Hazza Bin Sultan Street, Al Ain. The Wadi Adventure has the largest artificial surfing wave that is 3.3 meters in length, has 3 levels of white water rafting rapids catering for beginners, along with experienced rafters, and a long kayaking channel. You can enjoy a fun day out there with your family, especially kids. Wadi Adventure Park of Al Ain is one of the top spots in the country for learning kayak, surf, and white water raft. 3 main activities in the park are Air Park with zip lines, balance beams, and a giant swing for children. 

4- Explore the History of Al Ain at Al-Jahili Fort 

It is a much-restored fortress that is surrounded by tranquil and beautiful gardens in Al Ain city. It was established in 1891 and was one of the most important defensive features protecting from several attacks in war. Nowadays, it is one of the major points of interest for history lovers. Al-Jahili Fort is located at Sultan bin Zayed Street, Al Ain. The ramparts and towers of the fort could be climbed for scenic views and adventure. 

5- Qasr Al Muwaiji 

It is a traditional mud-brick fort that was restored for its former glory. This fort was built in the early years of the 20th century and then it was home to Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan and his family. The family of Sheikh Zayed lived there between the years 1946 to 1966 before the Sheikh became the ruler of the capital city that is Abu Dhabi. It is located at Khalifa Bin Zayed Street, Al Ain. There is also a small museum in the fort that gives you knowledge about the history of the fort and the lives of the ruling family. 

6- Visit Al Ain Camel Market 

Visiting the camel market of this city can be a golden chance for you to experience the taste of traditional and local cultures. This camel market is located on the outskirts of the town that is about 9 km away from the central city. This market is a little stinky because of the animals but if you can bear the smell, its visit can be a truly fascinating experience for you. It is the last remaining market in the UAE and people from all over the country come here to buy and sell. 

7- Al Ain National Museum 

The National Museum in Al Ain gives you a good chance to experience the heritage, culture, and history of the UAE. It has a particular ethnographic section that reflects the routine life of the residents of this region. This section also has a reconstructed traditional majlis, exhibits of traditional garments, and Bedouin of jewelry. The National Museum is located at Khalid Bin Sultan Street Al Ain. A visit to this place can be very informative for you as it has several main attractions and restored sections. Just book Cheap Hotels In Dubai and visit the beautiful Al Ain at your own pace. 

Wrap up!

Al Ain is one of the most beautiful and mesmerizing places to visit in the UAE. so, always try to get a rental car before you plan to visit this place. You will not only travel with ease but also stay wherever you want. Happy traveling!

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