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Top Symptoms of Brain Injury You Must Be Aware Of

  • December 15, 2022
  • 3 min read
Top Symptoms of Brain Injury You Must Be Aware Of

Accidents often result in injuries and damages. For some victims, the damages and injuries might be minimal, while for others, they could be severe. In cases of severe injuries and damages, it will be ideal for the victim to gather medical and legal help as soon as possible. If the victim hires a lawyer, asking for a free case evaluation should be a priority, as most lawyers offer the same. 

Brain injury is among the common types of damage resulting from an accident. Several victims have encountered brain or head injuries after an accident. You must know some common symptoms of brain injuries, given the common occurrence of the damage. Knowing such signs can help you detect the problem early and reduce its intensity or severity. 

Common symptoms of brain or head injuries: 

Apart from being aware of the symptoms, you must know the significance of medical support. Severe head or brain injuries require immediate medical help as there is a risk of severe brain damage. You should go through the common symptoms below and contact a medical professional soon. You can also visit urgent care clinic Jackson Heights.

  • Memory loss or amnesia 
  • Seizures of fits 
  • Difficulty staying awake or speaking
  • Repeated episodes of vomiting
  • Sudden swelling 
  • Bruising around both eyes or ears
  • Blood or clear fluid coming out of from ears or nose 
  • Unconsciousness – when a person collapses and does not respond
  • Concussion – sudden but short loss of mental function occurring after a blow or other injury to the head 

When should someone go to the hospital in case of an injury?

Several people become confused when they have to deal with an injury. Panic and confusion can increase the chances of the injury, causing it to multiply in intensity. However, it will be ideal to call for help immediately to request an ambulance. Taking the victim to the nearest emergency and accident department will be necessary.  

One should also visit the hospital or a medical institution when injured and: 

  • The victim has a history of drinking alcohol or taking drugs. 
  • The injury was not accidental, or if the victim was deliberately hurt by themself or someone else. 
  • The injury was caused by a forceful blow or hit to the head at a certain speed. For example, being hit by a car or falling from a height. 
  • The victim has had previous brain surgery. 
  • The victim had previous problems with uncontrollable bleeding, blood clotting, or taking any medication that caused bleeding issues. 

Apart from seeking medical help as soon as injured, the victim must hire a lawyer to sue the responsible party for the brain injury. 

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