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Ultimate Guide for the best water purifier and its services

  • July 24, 2021
  • 6 min read

According to medical science drinking a large amount of water can keep human away from several diseases. But if the drinking is containing large amount of impurities then it can leads to many severe diseases.

It is difficult to get the pure drinking water in these days due to environment degradation and heavy pollution in the country. Hence there is need of water purification or water sanitization before drinking it.

Most of the people boiled water before drinking but that is unable to remove all the harmful containments within water.  So installing RO Water purifier services in your home or office is a simple and easy solution to have pure and healthy drinking water.

RO water purifier:

Reverse osmosis (RO) is one of the processes which dematerialize or sanitize the water. It takes place by pushing the supplied water under the osmotic pressure through the thin and semi permeable membrane.

If the feed water contains the more impurities then more osmotic pressure is required to clean or sanitize the water. Supplied water is pumped into the RO systems which provides two kind of water good or permeate water and bad or flush water.

The permeate water then pushed towards the RO membrane and converted into the pure water.

There are two types of RO system:

  • Stage 1 RO water purifier system:

In Stage 1 RO system the feed water or raw water is converted into the permeate water or concentrated water. The concentrated water is flush or rejected from the RO system.

  • Stage 2 RO water purifier system

In stage 2 RO systems the concentrated water which is rejected from the stage 1 RO system is recycled i.e., It is passed as the raw water to the RO water purifier system. And the permeate water of the stage 1 and stage 2 is act as output of the overall system. Stage 2 RO water purifier system increase the recovery of the system. It work on the save water technology.

RO system can sanitize all kind of water like surface water, underground water and brackish water. Many industries including boiler feed, pharmaceutical, food and beverage industry, metal finishing and manufacturing of semiconductors are used RO systems for the treatment of their raw water.

Reverse osmosis can eliminate up to 99% impurities from the water like salts, colloids, bacteria and viruses. For the excellent service, customer should clean and run maintenance of the RO membrane.

Top RO service providers in India:

There are several RO Purifier Service Providers are available across India which serve their services in the domestic as well as commercial areas. Some leading and best RO service providers in India are listed below.

  • Kent Grand Plus (RO + UV + UF + TDS controller) :

This is one of the most recommended RO water purifier for the customers who is having high TDS value n their water. With its 7 stage water purification process it can disinfect the water up to 2000 ppm TDS value.

It is capable of removing impurities from all kind of water source like bore well, ground water or municipal water. With its 8 litres storage capacity it can purify water with the rate of 20 litres per hour.

Kent grand plus comes with one year warranty and 3 years free service if any problem occurs to water purifier.

Features of Kent Grand Plus:

  1. Filter change alert.
  2. UV fails alarm.
  3. Rejected water is stored in separate tank.
  4. Works of save water technology.
  5. 7 stage purification process.
  6. Attractive and transparent design.
  7. Havells Max (RO + UV) water purifier:

Havells is one of the best electronic brands in the India. Havells Max water purifier provides pure water with it 7 stage water purification technologies. 7 stage water purification technology consist of sediment filter, activated carbon filter, RO membrane, Germicidal UV, Mineralz Cartridge, Silver impregnated taste enhancer and revitalize cartridge processes.

It has the purification capacity of 15 litres per hour and can store 8 litre water. It provides protection against voltage fluctuations which protects the RO water purifier from the electricity damage. It shut off automatically if it detects any voltage fluctuations in the system.

Feature of Havells Max (RO + UV) water purifier:

  1. Contamination proof water tank cover.
  2. Removable water storage tank.
  3. Automatic alert system for self diagnostic, purification process, tank full notification, low water pressure.
  4. Error notification for SV, UV and pump failure.
  5. Automatic shut off mechanism against voltage fluctuations.
  6. Compact and corner mounting design.
  7. Smooth water flow outlet with contamination free water.
  8. Zero splash faucet.
  9. Blue Star Aristo (RO + UV) water purifier:

Blue star’s Aristo is one of the most stylish and compact water purifier. It is available in two standard colors in the market back and white. The feed water goes through 6 stage purification procedures which are pre filter, pre carbon filter, sediment filter, RO membrane, post carbon filter and the UV lamp methodology.

With its double layered purification technology it can purify water from all the sources. It has 7 litres storage ability and can purify water with the rate of 12 litres per hour.

It can sanitize and eliminate 96% TDS with its excellent and efficient RO membrane. Aristo water purifier comes with built in taste booster which provides better water taste to users by controlling best pH point.

Features of Aristo RO + UV water purifier:

  1. Child lock facility.
  2. UV failure, low water pressure, Tank full and purification On Notifications.
  3. Built in aqua taste booster.
  4. 1 year warranty.
  5. Eureka Forbes Aquasure (RO + UV + MTDS) from Aquaguard water purifier:

It’s compact and lightweight design model is ideal for the small families. It offers healthy and pure drinking water by its 6 stage purification methods. It provides 6 litres water storage with the TDS controller with controls the better taste of water according to water source.

Features of Eureka Forbes Aquasure water purifier:

  1. Table top or walls mount facility.
  2. Protection against voltage fluctuations.
  3. Attractive and smart color indicators for tank full, no water supply, purification process on, low water pressure.
  4. Reasonable cost.
  5. 1 year warranty.
  6. Livepure PEP pro plus water purifier (RO + UV + UF):

This is one of the most loved and purchased water purifier in India. It comes with 7 litre storage capacity and purification rate 12 litres per hour. It is best suits for small families and comes with affordable price.

Features of Livepure PEP pro water purifier:

  1. 7 stage purification process.
  2. Notifications for UV fail or malfunction.
  3. Can eliminate high TDS up to 2000 ppm.
  4. Taste control facility with Silver Impregnated Post Carbon Cartridge.
  5. Indicators for the full tank, purification process and power on of water purifier.
  6. Affordable price

RO system can suffer from different problems like scaling, fouling, mechanical damage and chemical attack. Customer can contact to nearby RO Repair services providers which provide instant installation, repairing and maintenance services of RO water purifier system.

User can also make use some pretreatment solutions like multimedia filtration (MMF), micro filtration, water softening, granular activated carbon (GAC), sodium bisulfate, etc.

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