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Unique Flavors of Different Grills: Which is Best for You?

  • June 13, 2022
  • 5 min read
Unique Flavors of Different Grills: Which is Best for You?

While the iconic backyard BBQ is a popular image, no one seems to have a consensus on which grill those steaks and burgers are being cooked on. After so many years of steak-searing and burger-flipping, even the best and most experienced backyard chefs may have a different opinion than the one next door. So, which type is best for your needs and why?

The Obvious Options

We’ve all heard the debate: charcoal or gas? Each one has distinct pros and cons. Gas makes up for many disadvantages with ease of use. It’s simple enough to fire up the grill after a rainy day using gas, but try that on a charcoal grill that was left out and it becomes a completely different type of nightmare.

While gas grills are easy and quick to begin using, charcoal grills used correctly can provide a unique flavor to any cut of meat. Though there are many companies that provide both varieties of grills, Watson’s grills for sale have options that fulfill all of these categories. Even the best tools require proper use and cleaning afterward, though, and a dirty grill will spoil a meal long before the cooking even begins.

Underrated Specialists

Charcoal and gas can both produce a quick and easy barbecue on a whim, but if you’re planning a big event ahead of time a bit of variety can make your food the spotlight. Brick pizza ovens can provide an authentic flavor to pizzas and other similar dishes, while pellet grills commonly combine different techniques using hardwood pellets for maximum versatility.

A brick pizza oven is not only a perfect cooking device but also an excellent centerpiece for any backyard arrangement, and pellet grills provide a unique wood-like smoky flavor that is indescribable to even the savviest professionals. If you plan on smoking or roasting meat, a pellet grill is easily modular and versatile with the same great taste they’re known for. And, if you have the finances and the room a pizza oven catches eyes and makes mouths water at the same time.

The Major Flavors

It’s a well-known fact that gas grills create heat while being completely odorless, colorless, and flavorless despite the protests of many a charcoal enjoyer. You can’t taste a gas-cooked steak, but you can taste a lack of that typical flavor. If you have trouble harnessing the iconic flavor, spicing your steaks or burgers a little more can make the difference in a pinch.

For those with picky dispositions, a gas grill has more versatility in terms of removing flavors too. It’s easy to keep meat separate from the tastes of previous cuts, and the odorless nature of the craft allows a skilled chef to make any meat’s taste pop. Many charcoal fans complain about a lack of heat control but this is easily mitigated. Click here to see tips for proper heat control in both types of grills. Proper techniques such as marination, basting, and spice rubs are far more effective on a gas grill as well due to a lack of underlying flavor.

Charcoal Tradition

Grilling flavors are widely known and recognizable by novice connoisseurs, but gas grills lack that iconic taste. There are many advantages to charcoal grills besides the flavor, including better heat management and flexibility during the grilling session, but the biggest advantage is the taste. Charcoal fans put it best here: https://thegrillinglife.com/benefits-of-charcoal-grills/ Want a different taste? Use different fuels such as wood chips. Want to show your skills? The charcoal grill is easily the better grill for perfecting the craft since it adds the variable of the fire for better or worse.

If you’re a fan of camping, that iconic flavor of a wood fire can be recreated in a charcoal grill accurately by using different types of wood chips. The opportunities are endless and possibilities for skill are around every smoky corner.

The Hard Truth

The fact of the matter is that common flavor profiles are limited by charcoal grills. You can only spice so much to remove the wood flavor, so if you don’t like that flavor it tends to make the entire barbecue a disaster. But, if you want that iconic feel it becomes a matter of necessity to acquire a charcoal grill.

The best type of backyard grill will forever be a debate but look past the searing discussions and the best option pops out quickly. Take a flowchart approach. Do you like food grilled on a fire, while camping, or otherwise off the stove? Charcoal is the choice for you. Otherwise, gas is a clear choice. The versatility and ease of use make even the most elaborate party a simple proposition.

Proper technique can make any cut of meat a delicious meal. Even though the arguments may get spicy, the best grill is one you can use well. Try them all out when you get the chance, and you may find a hidden soft spot for the other side. 

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