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Ways To Find the Right Baseball Gear

  • May 16, 2022
  • 4 min read
Ways To Find the Right Baseball Gear

Throughout the years, companies stepping into the world of baseball gear are increasing. Even though many try, most cannot meet the level of success Easton has. The Easton name has been around for more than 16 years and continues to earn its reputation among lovers of the game. Easton makes it easy for all ages to advance their talents with high-quality equipment. Take a look and see what the Easton brand is all about.

Different Makes of Baseball Bats

Picking out the right baseball bat can seem overwhelming. So, knowing your expectations before shopping is the key to getting the right one. However, if you are new to the game, you might not know there are different types of Easton baseball bats for various players. Check out the list of the different kinds of baseball bats available:

  • Wooden bats are less forgiving than your typical composite and aluminum bats. There is no need to break them in, and they are usually more durable. These types of bats are ideal for training and improving contact.
  • Aluminum bats are good for increasing swing speed since they are lighter. This bat is suitable for beginners who want to get comfortable before playing. There is a downside to using an aluminum bat. Over time it will become more and more damaged.
  • Composite bats are the bats of choice for softball players. This bat is considered more durable than the aluminum bat. On the downside, these bats decrease performance when the weather gets cooler.

The bat you choose depends on what you prefer. The good news is that there are numerous options for you to choose.

Suitable Gloves for the Perfect Play

Playing baseball or softball is more than how well you can hit. You also need to know how to hold your field position while catching the ball as well. So you want the proper glove that protects your hand when catching baseballs at high speed.

The ideal glove for a pitcher is the closed web glove. This glove hides the pitcher’s gripe from the batter and gives enough room so the pitcher can gripe the ball in different ways. Also, the glove needs to enable the pitcher to field the ball. This helps the team and the pitcher protect themselves from the ball’s different paths.

The best glove for the first baseman is similar to the pitchers. They are often referred to as an infield pitcher since most defensive plays come their way. Because of this, a first baseman needs a durable glove to keep up with all these plays.

The gloves best suited for the second baseman and middle fielders are typically smaller than the mitts for other players. This small size allows them to grasp the ball easier and throw it quicker. That may seem insignificant, but it could make all the difference in beating a fast runner.

The most qualified glove for a third baseman is a standard glove with a deep pocket and more length. This helps grab line drives and scoop up ground balls.

The perfect glove for a catcher’s mitt offers efficient protection from all the plays made on the field. Much like the first baseman, the pitcher receives a lot of play. Not only that, their glove needs to protect them from 80 to 90 mph ball speeds.

Perfect Helmet for the Game

It takes a lot of practice to pick the best fitting baseball helmet, especially if you are still learning the game. The most critical factor in a helmet is the fit. If the fit is not correct, it can effectively protect you from the elements of the game. Other essential aspects are quality, ear guards, and faceguards.

If you are just starting out in baseball or have been playing for years, knowing the right gear for the game is key. Improving performance while staying safe is an excellent way to make yourself the best player you can be. And once you’re confident in your skills and equipped with the right gear, you may find yourself dreaming of the big leagues – don’t forget to check out World Series Tickets to see the pinnacle of the sport in action and get inspired.

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