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Whale Watching Australia – The Best Places to See Whales in the Wild?

  • November 1, 2022
  • 5 min read
Whale Watching Australia – The Best Places to See Whales in the Wild?

Australia’s natural beauty and pristine environment are among the world’s best, so it’s no wonder that tourists from around the world come here to view some of nature’s most unique creatures in their natural habitats. Whale watching Australia can be an amazing experience for people of all ages, so if you’re thinking about visiting this glorious country, make sure to put whale watching Australia on your itinerary! Read on to find out where you can go to see whales in their natural habitat and what the best time of year to visit the area is.

Seeing whales in Australia

Australia is a prime location for whale watching because of its incredible range of habitats. There are many different types of whales, including humpback whales, minke whales, and orcas. Whale watching can be done from the shore or on a boat. If you’re looking to see humpback whales, you’ll need to head up north. Bremer Bay is one of the best places for whale watching because there’s an abundance of natural food sources that attract these creatures.If you want to take your whale-watching experience up a notch, then we recommend going on a boat tour rather than observing from land. You may get lucky and have a pod come close enough to swim with them!

A brief history of commercial whaling and whale watching in Australia

Commercial whaling was banned by an international treaty in 1986, but whale watching is now a popular pastime and commercial activity. We have compiled a list of some of the best places to see whales in the wild. Bremer Bay is one of Western Australia’s most famous destinations for whale watchers, and it is a great place for viewing Southern Right Whales, which are frequent visitors during their migration north from Antarctica. Whale watching tours depart from Bremer Bay daily, as well as from nearby towns like Denham and Dunsborough.

Australian humpback whale migration

Each year, humpback whales migrate from Antarctica to Bremer Bay on the Western Australian coast. This is a once-in-a-lifetime experience for whale watchers as it provides a rare opportunity to see these majestic creatures in their natural habitat. Bremer Bay is one of only a few sites where Australians have been able to legally watch humpbacks without breaching international law. These whales are usually migrating and don’t often stay still for long periods of time, so you need a special permit if you want to swim with them. The best way to spot them is by scanning the horizon and looking out for large dark patches on the water’s surface; they are unmistakable when they come up next to the shore as they are up close.

Australian southern right whale migration

Southern right whales are a migratory species that travel south from Antarctica every summer to give birth and raise their young. They can be found off the coast of Western Australia, South Africa, and Argentina. Southern right whales are known as friendly because they swim near boats and allow people to get close enough for pictures.

In Australia, the best time of year to go whale watching

A trip to Australia is never complete without a whale watching experience. Bremer Bay is one of the best places in Western Australia for whale watching. Here are some great reasons why you should visit this destination. Bremer Bay has a long history of whaling, and its natural harbor still sees plenty of boat traffic today, so it’s not uncommon for whales to be spotted offshore or close by. -There’s no better time than now! December through April is when whales are migrating from Antarctica, so now you can see them off-shore and have an up-close encounter with them too. -You’ll find your own private spot for whale watching at Bremer Bay, where there are few tourists and lots of locals getting up close and personal with these amazing creatures.

Where to go in Australia for the finest whale viewing

Australia is home to some of the most amazing views and wildlife you can imagine. From Sydney Harbour’s famous Opera House to a stroll through Melbourne’s Royal Botanic Gardens, there’s something for everyone. One of the country’s hidden treasures is Whale Watching Bremer Bay. There are many great places to go whale watching in Australia, including Victoria, Sydney, Queensland, and Western Australia, but if you’re looking for a more intimate experience with fewer people, then Whale Watching Bremer Bay would be perfect. This small town has an abundance of wildlife that can be seen in its natural habitat, including whales! If you’re interested in visiting this spectacular region, then Whale Watch Bremer Bay will have plenty of tours available, so all you’ll need to do is choose which one suits your needs best.


The idea of witnessing these massive animals in the wild is exciting and thrilling, but it can be difficult to know where and when they will be. After all, they can’t tell us themselves! Fortunately, with whale watching in Australia, you can enjoy this natural spectacle without any risk or without needing a boat. Check out these seven spectacular places where you can catch sight of whales on an Australian coastline.

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