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What Is HHC And Does It Get You High?

  • December 11, 2021
  • 4 min read
What Is HHC And Does It Get You High?

HHC is the first Cannabinoid that can be made in the laboratory and was first obtained in the year 1944 with the help of the American Chemist named Roger Adams. However, to obtain this product, he mixed the hydrogen molecules with the Delta 9 THC, commonly known as THC, with the Hexahydrocannabinol. However, in recent years, the process is started from the Hemp-based plants to maintain legality.

Apart from this, these are not such known products as it has not been several years of these have reached the market, and for that, only a handful number of sellers are selling this product in the market. However, these are much more promising and legal products that can appeal to more attention as these are not THC in nature and include the properties of the CBD.

In this further, you can understand the psychoactive effects of the HHC and other information related to this.

How are HHC Processed?

The HHC is not naturally grown in the plants and demands a various step process for further extraction.

  1. In the first step, the CBD is extracted from the raw hemp plants and is isolated and distilled in the form of a powder. 
  2. From here, the steps get light, confusing and complicated. 
  3. Then molecules of the low THC cannabis are brought out to provide Cannabinoid with the potential to complete the tree.
  4. Also, the process of hydrogenation is obtained to improve the structure of the THC. These processes have the capacity to remove the double bond with the hydrogen atoms. 
  5. Another therapy can include Chromatography that provides the CBN, CBG, and other specialized compounds in its facility. 
  6. Furthermore, Ray describes that it is a process that is proprietary and happens inside the chemical reactor. In this process further, the CBD goes out, and the HHC comes in. 
  7. Also, researcher Ray describes the fact that gold dark oil also has similar properties to HHC.

What are the consequences of HHC on the body and mind?

There is a lack of reports available around the potency of the HHC, this means that complications can arise. In addition, when the Cannabinoid is provided to form the mixture, two varieties of molecules get built up inside it, including the 9R HHC and the 9S HHC. The first one actively binds with the endocannabinoid system of the body. Still, the second one is however different because of the molecular structure and thus cannot perform the best.

Furthermore, the one that fits the ECS can provide a similar effect to the DELTA 8 THC. Also, these can provide both the effects of THC and CBD. But one difference is that more HHC is required to enjoy similar amounts of benefits. 

In addition, it can also provide THC-like effects in mind and the body, but as these are less potent, more amount of this is required that also has milligram-per-milligram compared to the Delta 8. Normally, the Delta 8 is further considered to be low potent compared to the Delta 9.

Thus from the above information, it can be considered that it can produce a sense of high in a person along with some sedative and relaxing effects to the body and mind. Also, it can promote relief from pain, inflammation, breast cancer syndrome, anxiety, stress, depression, and many more.

Explain the potency of HHC?

According to Ray, the potency of these varies from batch to batch. Also, these are cost-ineffective in nature as well, as separation and isolation from each other do not provide a viable product. Thus, it is necessary to maximize the amount of the highly effective compounds and minimize the less effective compounds, with the ratio of 2:1, or 1:1, while making the HHC.


Thus these are the low potent, effective form of a compound that can help individuals to enjoy the best sedative and therapeutic benefits at the same time. However, as these are new in the whole market place, more research is further required to do this.

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