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What is the Average Life Span of a Central Air Unit

  • February 16, 2022
  • 3 min read
What is the Average Life Span of a Central Air Unit

According to studies, the most efficient central air units use between 30 and 50 percent less energy to create the equivalent amount of cooling as standard air conditioners.

Central air units are a necessary evil in most homes. But how long do they actually last?

Most people only think about their central air unit when it’s not working but did you know that there are ways to make it last longer?

Keep reading for some simple tips you can use to increase the average life span of your central air unit and avoid an unexpected breakdown.

What Is The Average Life Span Of A Central Air Unit?

The average lifespan of a central air unit is about 15 years. But this number can change based on where you live and how often the AC unit is used.

The warranty for manufacturers of central air units is usually 10-15 years.

Manufacturers may also offer extended warranties that cover the same amount of time as their initial warranty or up to two years after the manufacturer’s warranty expires.

In order to maximize the lifespan and efficiency of your central air conditioner, keep reading below as we discuss 5 tips for caring for your AC unit.

1. Keep Debris Away From It

Since most units are installed on roofs or outside walls, they tend to attract a great deal of debris. This includes items such as leaves, seeds, and twigs, which can block airflow and cause the unit to fail quickly.

To prevent this from happening, it’s a good idea to have shingles or shudders put on just before installing your new central AC unit.

Make sure that all debris is removed from the outside of your house as well as areas where vents are located.

2. Keep It Clean

The interior of your central air conditioner should be cleaned by an HVAC professional from reputable companies, like ac repair Las vegas at least once every year. This is because these units contain several dangerous parts that become extremely hot.

Dust and dirt may also interfere with their ability to cool properly – especially if you live in a dry area where dust particles are plentiful.

3. Keep It Lubricated

Like all machines, central units need regular lubrication in order to function properly. This is especially true with the moving parts.

When these parts aren’t well taken care of, they can become worn out or even break down completely.

4. Replace Filters Regularly

Frequent replacement of air conditioning filters helps keep your system functioning at high efficiency. It does this by allowing for proper airflow throughout the system.

You can get regular HVAC maintenance servicing which will cover repair bills like replacing filters and general repairs. You can get more info here.

5. Ensure Proper Airflow

Central AC units use cooling coils to take heat from the inside of a building and transfer it outside. This process is extremely important because if there’s no place for all that hot air to go, it can’t be cooled.

This will cause the system to overheat. Airflow is essential in providing a constant supply of cool air, so ensure that nothing blocks it – including foliage or even furniture that might be obstructing its path.

Improve Your Central Air Unit

In the end, it’s important to know that a central air unit will last on average 10 to 12 years. If you’re trying to figure out if your system is going south or not before investing, this post will help.

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