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What kind of jacket is Loki variant jacket?

  • June 2, 2022
  • 5 min read
What kind of jacket is Loki variant jacket?

Loki, The God of Mischief has our hearts with his sensational sense of humor and witty personality. And no other actor other than Tom Hiddleston could have done justice to this Marvel character. All Marvel fans would agree without a doubt. Nonetheless, we got some amazing news from our end for all Loki lovers! The series, Loki has recently dropped and even though some years have passed, we still can not get over it. This Marvel show gives us an insight of how the God of Mischief is not that bad. He may have more of a soft corner than we all knew. Tom Hiddleston perfectly depicts his emotions and feelings about how Loki has evolved throughout the Marvel movies. He has always been considered to be on the bad side, but was he actually evil? That is the real question. This is something the creators have given fans to ponder upon. No person can be inherently evil, that’s what they are trying to portray. The series is a self – discovery for Loki as an individual, when he learns about how he is not unique. There are other variants throughout the multiverse that have lived. This is when he works with the timekeepers to find the deviant Loki in the timeline. He is given a variant jacket to identify that he’s the actual Loki they are working with. That’s because not every Loki looks different. Some may have been shown at different stages of their lives while others were not even the same species. But enough with spilling the tea, we are here to talk about the variant jacket. 


Let’s take a closer look at the variant apparel. Here at NYC, you can find the God of Mischief jacket at the best prices. So, look further because we are your one stop shop for all your Marvel fashion needs. This bomber jacket has been selling like hot buns from our store. So, book your orders before our stocks run out! Both male and female sizes are available. You can get them in a wide range of cuts and fits that give you the silhouettes that you have desired for so long. Look uber chic in the khaki brown Loki jacket. Yes, only Tom Hiddleston has the ability to bring back khaki in style! This year, why not bless your wardrobe with some neutral tones? The Tom Hiddleston jacket has been manufactured from topnotch cotton fabric that is further lined with a soft inner viscose lining. Not to forget how it makes the design super comfort and durable to be your go – to streetwear apparel for years to come. This trendy bomber jacket is not only fashionable but highly fashion – forward with its numerous pockets. You can keep your hands warm and cozy in the two waist pockets while keep your belongings on you at all times in the interior pockets. Gear up to take on any challenge life throws at you! Moreover, the finesse of the stand up collar and open hem cuffs of the Loki variant jacket shows the attention to detail by the manufacturers. We know how you love something of topnotch quality in this price range. 

Revamp your wardrobe with something you love and grab onto the durable and breathable from our Marvel collection. Before we keep on raving about the sensational streetwear, let’s dig a little deeper for what’s in store for Loki in the future. We saw how there is a female variant that has united with the Loki we love and cherish. But she prefers to call herself Sylvi. This gives the creators and directors the perfect opportunity to re – invent the character from a female perspective. We have seen this in Thor’s latest movies how Natalie Portman has taken the role of the God of Thunder in Thor’s absence. This means we might see a movie where Loki might not be a male figure or played by Tom Hiddleston. Even though we love this man to the core, but it might just change the entire focus if we someone new as Loki. However, there are no confirmed sources saying that there will be a Loki variant movie. But fans are speculating that we might see something that has not been done before. So, we are in for a roller coaster ride with all the new Marvel movies hitting the screens in the coming months. 

All of the Marvel Universe is left with a lot of question after the series had ended! Hence, there is a higher chance we might see another part or something that shows Sylvi in the coming movies. Since we have entered the fourth phase of the MCU. This has a lot of characters coming into different multiverses. Let’s wait and watch! 

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