Which Engagement Ring Shape Looks the Biggest                       

Has someone ever mentioned to you that the only way to wear a big stunning diamond engagement ring is by creating a hole in your pocket? Well, they’re quite wrong!

Although buying an engagement ring is exciting, it comes with its share of stress. And with all of the questions that come with engagement ring shopping, there is one that always seems to rise above the rest: which diamond engagement ring looks the biggest?

How big an engagement ring looks depends on various factors, particularly its shape. However, in this article, we’ll reveal some secrets to you today! Which engagement ring looks the biggest? Which looks the smallest? The ways to make your engagement ring look bigger? Read on to find out!

Which Diamond Engagement Ring Looks the Biggest?

Despite having an equal carat weight, some diamond engagement rings look bigger than others. So, let’s discuss in detail the engagement rings shapes that look the biggest in this section!

1.   Marquise-Cut

Due to its pointed elongated ends, the marquise cut is longer and larger, making your finger look significantly slender. Compared to some other shapes, the marquise cut is not a high-demand design. But it is the best choice for you if you love chic and modern.

The marquise cut has been in existence since the days of King Louis XV, but it isn’t a style you see randomly. It is a ring that looks lovely in solitaire settings, but you can also add accent stones to up the sparkle even more!

2.   Pear Shape

Are you looking to make a statement even without wearing a high-carat diamond? Then the pear shape is just what you’re looking for!

Also known as the ‘teardrop cut’, pear-shaped diamonds have a larger top surface and look quite bigger than the round cut diamonds. However, they can be quite fragile to handle, given their pointy tips. Moreover, getting a good-cut pear-shaped diamond is a bit challenging.

So, ensure you thoroughly examine the piece before buying. An important thing to note is that its sides must be symmetrical, and most importantly, buy from trusted stores!

3.   Oval Cut

While fancy cuts like marquise, pear, and emerald, may relatively look bigger, an oval-cut diamond is an excellent option if you want to buy something basic. Like the round cut diamonds, Oval cuts exhibit equally fantastic sparkle and brilliance.

As a result of its large elongated shape that creates the illusion of size. The oval cut rings look bigger, making the finger look feminine and slimmer.

4.   Emerald Cut

Sophisticated and elongated emerald cut diamonds were one of the most sought-for diamond cuts during the 19th and early 20th centuries.

Emerald is an excellent choice if you’re still into such old-world fashion. They look classic, timeless, and big! The rectangular shape helps an emerald-cut diamond appear larger. Also, this style tends to be less expensive, making it a perfect choice for a budgeted beautiful ring.

5.   Round Cut                          

The round cut diamond rings are the perfect option if you’re looking to go for the most popular and timeless design.

Due to their intense brilliance, they look quite big. But sadly, the round cut diamonds do not look as big as some of the shapes mentioned above. Moreover, round cuts are high in demand, making them cost much more than some other not-so-sought-after shapes.

6.   Trillion Cut

Trillion cut is yet another underrated diamond shape when it comes to buying a diamond that looks big. Due to a large face-up area and a shallow cut, trillion cuts look much bigger than their carat size.

However, due to its triangular shape, if mishandled, there are chances that its pointy end might chip off, just as in the case of pear and marquise cuts.

Having fully discussed which diamond engagement rings look bigger, let’s briefly examine how your rings can look bigger below.

Top Ways to Make Your Diamond Ring Look Bigger

Are you worried that your diamond engagement ring might not look big enough? There are various ways to make a diamond ring look bigger and they include:

1.   Select the Right Shape

Of course, it’s an incontestable fact that some diamond rings look bigger than others, given they are of the same carat weight.

However, the good news is that since you have a clear-cut list of which diamond shapes look bigger, choose the shape that flatters your finger the most and that falls on the ‘bigger’ list.

2.   Choose a Good Cut Diamond

As you may know, the diamond with the most brilliance looks the largest. So, you should get an excellent cut diamond.

Likewise, the poor-grade cut diamonds may seem smaller despite having a higher carat weight. So instead of trying to up on carat, try to purchase a good-cut lower-carat diamond instead.

3.   Choose a Three-Stone Design

The three-stone design might be one of the perfect choices if are looking to make your diamond look bigger and haven’t finalized a design yet

Of course, you don’t want your center stone to compete for attention, so don’t make your side stones too enormous. The idea is to create an illusion where the center stone looks bigger in comparison to the side stones and stands out. So, make the right stone choices.

4.   Go for a Halo Ring Design

The classic halo might be yet another excellent choice if you don’t fancy the three-stone design. Also, the halo design is a great option for those wanting to slay a big diamond ring on a budget.

The stones on the halo setting add a significant sparkle to the entire ring, making your ring look much larger.

5.   Use a Band That Lets Your Diamond Pop

Choose a band made of thin metal and with less detailings to achieve the purpose. Moreover, shiny bright white metals like white gold or platinum act as a mirror and reflect the diamond, adding much shine and sparkle.

6.   Keep Your Rings Clean

Finally, ensure your diamond rings are kept clean always. A dirty and dull diamond doesn’t have the same radiance as a clean and almost-new diamond. So, to make your diamond rings look bigger, you have to maintain their sparkle, by keeping them clean and shiny.\


As much as you’d like to wear a fancy big diamond ring, sometimes, you must realize that a diamond size doesn’t define your worth.

Understand which diamond shapes to opt for, and the size enhancement techniques mentioned in this article. With that, you’re already halfway to buying the diamond of your dreams. Now, you have the ball in your court! Choose the shape and design you adore and flaunt it with pride!

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