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WoW TBC – Talents and Builds You Need to Know About

  • September 21, 2021
  • 4 min read
WoW TBC – Talents and Builds You Need to Know About

These are great builds for you to get started with when playing as the Mage.

When you’re looking to get started with the likes of The Burning Crusade power leveling or scouring the most dangerous areas for those coveted TBC items, it’s important to have a build that’s right for you. The Mage is a great choice of class to go with, which provides the player with many traits that will be extremely beneficial. The following talents are worth your time looking out for if you want to get the most out of the Mage and your build.

Getting Started

With the Mage, you will need to start out by visiting a Mage Trainer. This will allow us to change our talent tree selection. That being said, you will have to spend TBC Classic gold on it. It is only a small fee to pay at first, but it will go up each time that you use it. It caps at 50 WoW TBC gold, and the cost goes down to a minimum of 10 after being reduced by 5 each month

The best choices for PvE are going to be Fire and Arcane. There are a few builds available to the Mage that are of use, and you’ll want to focus on Frost for PvP if that’s the path you are going down. Fire is probably your best since it’s more consistent from the get-go, but Arcane makes its mark as you progress through the tiers.

DPS Fire Build Tips

We are going to be looking at a few tips that you can use in each of these builds. For example, the DPS Fire build for Mages is going to provide you with the very best talents from the Fire tree. If you want to deal as much damage as possible, then be sure to get the likes of Molten Fury, Combustion, and Ignite.

However, perhaps the most key feature is for you to get Icy Veins. This will present you with massive increases to the damage you deal. It will also enhance your casting speed by 20 seconds by 20%. The reason that this is so important is that in general, the DPS Fire build can fall a bit short of other builds, which is why you should ensure that you’re introducing

Arcane Mage Build Tips

If you want something that is a bit more conservative than your Mana, then go with the Arcane Mage build. When looking at the talent tree for Arcane, get the likes of Spell Power, Arcane Power, Mind Mastery, and Arcane Concentration. This will increase the damage that your Arcane Blast can inflict on your enemies. It also makes the most of stacking Intelligence too, making it a worthy build to pursue.

In order for us to increase the damage of this build, we should check out the Frost talent tree too. Get Cold Snap here, as well as Icy Veins, and you can bulk out your other spells with Improved Frostbolt.

Frost Mage Build Tips

The Frost Mage comes in two parts, which are separated into PvE and PvP. For the former, concentrate on Frostbolt more than anything else, plus Icy Veins and Summon Water Elemental to get those vital damage cooldowns that will really come in handy. We’ll also be able to add to our Mana regeneration here with this build too. You can do this using Arcane Meditation and Arcane Concentration.

The PvP Frost Mage build is more based on survival than its PvE counterpart. Thankfully, survival is something that the Frost PvP build does very well. You can chop and change it to get the talents in where you need to until it fits the style of play that fits you best. Those struggling to deal with melee opponents should adopt Permafrost and Improved Frost Nova. Improved Counterspell meanwhile will make life difficult for those casting spells. Thanks to Arcane Fortitude and Ice Barrier, you have a very effective build to take into battle in player vs. player combat.

Having a build that helps you to get through the toughest aspects of the game is very important. You might be focused on TBC power leveling or hitting up raids with your friends. Either way, your build will have a pivotal part to play in how your adventure goes. That said, there are ways to skip over the hard work.

For example, you could choose to buy TBC gold from a third-party source if you wish. There’s also the option to buy WoW TBC accounts if you really don’t want to have to experience the sheer grind that The Burning Crusade has to offer.

Have you checked out these WoW TBC- talents and builds? Let us know in the comments section below!

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