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Healthy lifestyle myths that you missed to notice

  • August 16, 2021
  • 5 min read
Healthy lifestyle myths that you missed to notice

We all want to live healthily, and for that, we follow many rules in the name of a healthy lifestyle. But the problem is, only a few of us care about the authenticity of the rules we believe. Is it the right way to have good health? Absolutely not! Some myths can only spoil our health, and it is better to change your habits as soon as possible.

Not everything you listen from others is correct

Yes, before you read about the lifestyle myths, it is essential to understand that every suggestion you get from others is incorrect. After all, we all have different physical conditions and shapes, and it is never necessary that if something suits others will suit you as well.

Use your mind and find your own rational reasons to believe in something because it is about your physical as well as mental well-being. Here ‘one-size-fits-all’ is not applicable.

You should skip your dinner if you are fat

What?? Are you Serious???

If you are fat and follow this rule just to get a thing or lean or someone more in shape, then it is just a foolish habit and nothing more than that. You should not need to worry until you are not eating too much and unhealthy like fast food or oily or deep-fried food.

Every meal of a day is vital for our body, and it helps our organs function properly. It is essential not to miss any meal. Breakfast, lunch and dinner, at least these three meals, are necessary for us too. It is just a myth that fat people should skip any particular meal in a day.

Yes, eating light in the evening or night is a good rule to follow, but hey!! You cannot be so irrational as to skip an important meal of the day. Is it really a good thing to be unfair with your body based on wrong information? ABSOLUTELY NOT!

You can make a calendar for what you eat every evening and keep the menu light as the best option. For example, eat salad, take a healthy soup full of vegetables, take steamed food which is healthy and does not need any oil. The point is, you cannot get thin by skipping any meal of the day. It is always necessary to first consult your family doctor before following any foolish routine.

It is necessary to workout everyday

No, it is unnecessary to be so stringent with your body and work out daily because your muscles need to relax and thus need a break. Exercise every single day is only for professional athletes and sportspersons who need to be consistent in their routine to be fit and strong.

For a normal person who is busy with their job and household responsibilities, only a decent amount of workouts is good. Even the health experts suggest that people should not exercise daily. However, some basic things in yoga and light exercise can be done daily.

An intense exercise routine causes strain to our nerves and muscles, and that can harm us physically. In fact, it can even cause mental stress because daily routine causes body pain, spoils your mood and zeal in life.

Continuity is something that you may not need in exercise. Yes, you may apply it in financial life. For example, invest regularly and attain funds regularly if you want to gather a significant deposit to get car finance in Ireland with bad credit situation.

Everybody type has a different capacity, and the same workout routine cannot be followed for everyone. Some people may find it easy to exercise a week thrice, while some may manage 4 times or 5 times a week.  You need to decide what discipline you can follow without causing any strain to your body. The best thing is to start gradually and increase the capacity.

Carbs are not good for health

Again a myth that dominates the lifestyle of many people, and for no reason, they start to hate carbs. Ignorance can make you misinterpret and forget the difference between good and bad, which is not suitable for your health.

Carbs are among the critical elements of health, and we should not take them for granted just because of a foolish myth. There are many benefits of carbs that are not known to people. If they just get to know the wrong things about them and they just follow it.

Their role is to supply energy to your body, and they transform into glucose, which is the fuel for the brain. Now you think and conclude, is it not necessary to take carbs? Yes, of course, they are essential, and you should not stop their delivery to your body.

There are two types of carbohydrates – one is simpler carbohydrates that is sugar, and the second is complex carbohydrates that are several types of sugars. They can be spotted in food products like beans, potatoes etc. It essential is to decide the number of carbs because, on that part, different body types react differently. The safe play strategy is to consult your doctor and ensure the proper intake of carbs.


A healthy lifestyle is not only about eating healthy food and doing exercise; it is basically about having the right kind of information. Myths disturb our capacity to believe in the correct thing and follow the proper routine in every aspect of life. If you do not want to play with your health, staying updated and informed about the suitable method and ways is crucial.

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