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How to discover New York without spending a fortune ?

  • January 18, 2023
  • 4 min read
How to discover New York without spending a fortune ?

Without a doubt, New York is one of the most expensive cities to live in or visit. However, going for a tour or vacation in a glamorous city doesn’t have to mean breaking the bank if you have the right pieces of information. Keep reading to learn how to discover New York without creating a giant hole in your purse. 


The first item to settle when it comes to discovering New York on a budget is accommodation. This is especially paramount as the city is expensive and the cost of renting a hotel is on the high side. 

Rather than spending a fortune in expensive places like Manhattan, you can lodge in small-size hotels or rent an AirBnB, which is quite common in the city. Besides, lodging in some hotels in Manhattan can cost you a hundred dollars more than hotels in Brooklyn. Also, it’s best to visit New York during the winter, as prices generally go up in peak travel seasons. 


New York has one of the most sophisticated transport systems in the world. There are various transport options for visitors and residents, which include public buses, car rental, trains, the subway system, and bike sharing. The following are the most cost-effective options for people who wish to discover the city on a budget.

Using the subway

The subway remains one of the cheapest transport options, as rides go for as low as 3 dollars. This is far more cost-effective than calling a taxi, which can cost up to sixty dollars on average. As a tourist, you will be doing a lot of moving around, and as such, the subway provides a cheap, safe, and fast transport option. 

Bike sharing

Another affordable and fun way to get around is to embrace bike sharing in new york. The bike-sharing system in the city has become more developed and automated since its inception. It’s an eco-friendly and safe way to move around with unlimited freedom. Besides, the city layout, especially in places like Manhattan, is bike friendly.

Strolling across famous bridges

New York is blessed with famous bridges in Manhattan, Brooklyn, and Williamsburg. Instead of swiping across these bridges in a taxi, you can simply stroll and enjoy the city’s phenomenal views. You also save enormous amounts of money and, at the same time, share moments with other visitors and residents while strolling. 


There are various free and discounted entertainment deals within the city for residents and visitors. For museum lovers, almost all museums in the city have free days. On some other days, these museums run a “pay as you wish” scheme. This allows you to enjoy ancient arts and items for free or at a heavily discounted rate. 

Those that enjoy views can take advantage of the famous Staten Island ferry, the famous bridges, and the high line. These are free facilities that enable you to enjoy panoramic views of New York at no cost. 

You should also avoid tourist deals that claim to help you tour the city with other visitors at exorbitant prices. This is especially true as there are now free shows in town squares and nightclubs. Besides, many bars and theaters within the city host open-mic nights with free entry. 


It’s common knowledge that discovering a city would be incomplete without appreciating the local dishes and delicacies. Thankfully, New York is home to several high-end restaurants, bars, and food stands. If you’re on a budget, there are several ways to enjoy the best dishes at a discounted rate. 

First of all, mix with the locals and get information about eateries that offer happy hour deals and other cheap outlets. For instance, there are pizza spots that sell a slice for around a dollar. If you’re a cupcake lover, Molly’s famous cupcake is a cost-effective alternative to patronizing expensive bakeries. 

A final word

The most important decision to make while discovering New York on a budget is to have a well-thought-out travel plan. The reason is that it’s easy to derail and fall for the various attractions that the city has to offer. Also, making adequate inquiries from locals is a vital tool for discovering New York without spending a fortune.

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