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Interior Design Tips: Mix and Match Colour For An Eye Pleasing Living Room

  • August 22, 2021
  • 4 min read
Interior Design Tips: Mix and Match Colour For An Eye Pleasing Living Room

Planning for your interior design involves the selection of colors. Playing with colors is not as easy as it seems. In the field of interior design, there is what we call the division of color scheme percentages in ccordance to color use: through 60-30-10. Different upholstery fabric to trade uses these tips in order to ensure that your living room exudes pleasantness to the eyes in regards to the mix and matching of colors.

60% – Main Color: The dominant color of choice involves the wall, floor, and furniture color. Some use the dominant color for curtains or draperies. Although it is not necessary to use solid colors for the main color, this color should always be prominent.

30% – Secondary Color: The decor of your home should have 30% of the entire interior. The colors chosen as secondary colors should maintain the contrast with the main color without the competition with the main color.  The goal of the secondary color is to create depth and interest in your upholstery fabric to trade.

10% – Accent Color: The main purpose of an accent color is to give more           emphasis and interest than the secondary color to your interiors. Accent colors increase the contrast to the desired color scheme. Accent colors’ aim is to ensure that the eye is caught deeper   towards the design of the upholstery fabric to trade of your living room.

Guide to colors: Matching colors can be aided through the color wheel. In a color wheel, we can find the primary, secondary, and even tertiary colors. Here are some guide color schemes that you can arrive to match for the upholstery fabric to the trade of your living room.

Analogous Colors: This color scheme divides three different colors such as one primary, one secondary, and one tertiary. The application of the 60-30-10 rule will be applied.

Complementary Colors: Among many other color schemes, this color scheme is the selection of two directly opposite colors of the color wheel.

Rule of Three: This type of guide in relation to colors is that it has similarities with the three-color selection process of analogous color without the color wheel. In short, this type of guide allows you to determine the three colors you opt with the color wheel not being necessary for the process. Moreover in this rule, it states that interesting and balanced decor results from using odd numbers in design.

Three Colors: In accordance with the rule of three, mixing and matching colors according to your desired color scheme definitely brings out a pleasant view for the upholstery fabric to the trade for your living rooms.

Flowing Color Scheme: Being able to determine the color scheme you want for the interior or for the upholstery fabric to the trade of your living room, allows you to keep the color scheme flowing. Choosing your color scheme slowly begins the process of selecting your main color, secondary color, and accent color.

Neutral Colors for Interior Design: Neutral colors have become a common color scheme in modern interior designs. It involves the colors white, black, and brown. The most versatile comes respectively as formerly mentioned. It is best to choose a neutral color for your basic color in your design. Neutral colors are not present in the color wheel which widens your options most especially to your upholstery fabric to trade. The following are 8 ways to actually mix and match neutral colors:

  • Light Gray, white, and pale pink palette
  • Tan and Gray palette
  • Brown, Gray, and Gold accent colors
  • White, taupe, and black combination
  • Beige, taupe, and gold trio
  • Beige with brown and green accent
  • Gray and white room colors
  • White, Gray, and beige combination

The fabric guide

With the different available colors we can find, mixing and matching your colors is not a piece of cake especially in terms of interior design for your upholstery fabric to trade. Your living room needs to have significant planning since it is where guests take comfort in their short stay of your home. Hence, the pleasantries of your living room should be given a deep discernment to leave a mark on your guests and make the impression you aim to deliver.

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