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Ten Not-to-do Things in Leh Ladakh

  • August 20, 2021
  • 8 min read
Ten Not-to-do Things in Leh Ladakh

Were you looking for an unconventional and tranquil destination? Are you called to be rejuvenated by the majestic mountains? Then you have a journey to Ladakh to plan! Ladakh is one of the best destinations to visit in Cashmere, the essence of bliss on Earth. It is a fantastic place to get away from the rush of city life, surrounded by ice-captured Himalayan mountains and Karakorum with boundless stretches of natural beauty in its pure stage if you wish to explore a new culture and environment. Because of the raw landscape and height, Ladakh is still very unknown, and hence it is full of surprises long after you return, which will be indelibly carved in your memories.

In addition, both the Tibetan and the Indian cultures in Ladakh, the interesting yet wonderful conclusion will certainly offer a unique touring experience that you cannot find elsewhere. The forbidden land is Ladakh – glittering lights, the world’s highest motor road, panoramas of monasteries and some of the world’s highest mountain passes, and rainbows! Its noise and cobalt blue skies attract guests in no time. However, be advised! There are also wicked roads on the aforementioned doubtful routes with a lot of interconnections, a lack of infrastructure, and bottlenecks, which overlook precipitous cliffs. Having said this, it’s really pleasant to fantasize about floating and gliding across this weird distant country, but remember 10 things before planning a road trip to Ladakh.

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1. Never visit without a proper plan

To make your journey to Ladakh you have to plan meticulously and for a few days. You need to know your area, the weather, a route, and your choices of accommodation and prepare yourself both emotionally and physically before you start your trip. If your plan involves a road trip, you should also be careful about your vehicle. Get it serviced and everything that appears to be dicey should be or corrected. To make your journey to Ladakh you have to plan meticulously and for a few days. You need to know the place and the weather here before you start your adventure. You must also be very careful with your vehicle if your plan is a road trip. Get it serviced and everything that appears to be dicey should be or corrected. It may be cool enough to travel without any plan and just go down the road. But it is best to draw up a plan in the case of Ladakh and do not try to depart from it. Getting to know about Ladakh is merely going to make your journey easier before you reach it. I strongly advise you to do this.

2. Not knowing about the distances

Seeing the distance a lot of individuals plan their journey. If you see 500 bizarre kilometers, you think immediately you can cross them in 1 day effortlessly. However, in Ladakh time and distance don’t actually function together. You cannot make the mistake of speeding even on a straight, freshly paved road. You have troughs between which your vehicle can actually break if you were at a high speed. There are areas that limit your speed seriously to just 15-20 km per hour. You cross passes, and it cannot be done 60 to 70 kilometers per hour to ascend up a twisty small road. To be on the safer side, you plan a total journey of approximately 150-200 kilometers every day. There can be no speeding whatsoever here.

3. Not looking after your children

You must monitor and keep them under control continually if you traveled with your youngster to Ladakh. You’re far more excited to be in another area than you; you’re still running and jumping, exercising. This effort triggers AMS and a child can’t even tell you precisely how he felt. Keep a close eating review, do not let them exhaust, protect them from the cold and hard environments and keep an eye on any mountain sickness signs. Read more details on how to go with kids or babies to Ladakh to see precautions when carrying a youngster to Ladakh.

4. Not getting the Inner line permit

Internal Line Permit is a mandate to visit locations such as Pangong Tso and Nubra Valley. You don’t need the permit to get to Leh, but you must get it for a journey. Do not overlook this, please. There are checkpoints between you and they will send you to Leh if you’ve got the permission. The Leh Ladakh permissions may now be requested online, the tour operator may choose to pay the price and the copies of the Ladakh are sent online. This step has made the process easier and eliminated the difficulties of early obtaining these permissions. Leh Ladakh Inner Line Permitting is available both for domestic and foreign travelers online.

5. Ignoring acute mountain sickness

Most people are still unaware of the term acute mountain disease until they intend to travel to Ladakh. It also occurred to me. I even didn’t know that there was even such a thing as AMS or high altitude illness. Almost all of us in our lives were at least once at a hill station, but we never felt or thought about mountain disease. We don’t take it seriously, as we never had it, and don’t know how it felt when AMS affects you. This can spoil your trip to all the enjoyment. The AMS is the mildest kind and is extremely prevalent. The AMS is the most important form. The symptoms may feel like a sickness – dizziness, headache, pains of muscle, nausea. High Altitude Lung Edema (HAPE) has a highly harmful and possibly life-endangering accumulation of fluid in the lungs.

6. Ignoring the acute cold

This is what many people are doing, particularly in the Ladakh high altitude passes. They take off their shirts, go up, and then try to snap on a macho image with their bikes reading the name of the pass in front of the board. This may have major ramifications despite sounding like a beautiful picture to share. Staying at the top of the pass, you will be exposed to frigid winds, which will certainly damage your remaining trip. It’s about a minute or so of enjoyment, but there can be dangerous outcomes.


7. Taking rented vehicle outside Ladakh

It is not permitted, and you must not take the chance to see sites in Ladakh, areas like Nubra, Pangong, or Moriri. There were cases when local residents attacked and vandalized such automobiles, and even visitors that I heard were harmed. Please leave Leh parked in the hotel and rent another vehicle to visit other places in Ladakh if you have reached Leh with a non-local leased vehicle. Read Non-local taxies and rental motorcycles forbidden in Ladakh for further information on this prohibition.

8. Taking a dip in the lake

It is my own experience. I speak this. I’ve probably been one of the very few to dip into Pangong Tso. It was more than a decade ago during my first journey to Ladakh. Ladakh, who was still a little abandoned, and I was the only two tourists on the banks of Pangong with a friend of mine that day. When we thought it was an experience, we walked in the lake till our thighs sat down and ran out quickly. It was, however, quite dangerous, and you possibly die. It was very serious. Furthermore, it was enough to twist our bodies for one hour, to cause a severe headache and cold for the rest of the day.

9. Not taking roads seriously

You have probably made countless road excursions, or traveled a lot; you may be filled with off-road traffic, but in Ladakh, you can’t be overconfident. The roads are difficult and can be unpleasant if you’re not attentive. Understand that you drive through a region buried by the snow every winter and that the company must operate these roads every year. You may witness a tiny mistake driving down the road or causing major damage to the vehicle, at least. You must travel slowly and be attentive. Understand that you drive in a location that is blanketed with snow in winter. These roads must be operated directly by the BRO annually. You could witness a tiny mistake driving off the road and downward or at least damaging your vehicle seriously.

10. Being overconfident

I’ll add another point to this last year’s journey in Ladakh when I saw this boy trying a few bumps from Khardung La to Leh. What happened next? What happened next? Then there was a stone he could not help, but he got a hard tumble because either of his feet hadn’t been on the ground. Actually, with only a few inches he missed the cliff. Even more difficult would have he seen crashing like the old Jack down the hill. Don’t attempt it, please. Please. In its natural splendor, Ladakh is a place to immerse you. Do not display what you can or can’t do on a motorcycle or in a car.

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