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5 Different Types Of Plants To Gift Your Loved Ones

  • December 27, 2022
  • 4 min read
5 Different Types Of Plants To Gift Your Loved Ones

Plants are the best gift for your loved ones, and it never gets out of fashion. People give plants to their beloved for their good health and luck. It also lasts for years if it gets proper care. There are some benefits of giving plants as a gift, such as it can be used for decorative, medicinal, and other purposes like air purifying.

Nature has given us many things to us, but people have cornered it and do not give it much importance. Even some of them are new to plants, and actually, they don’t even know the different categories of plants. If you also don’t have any idea about different types of plants but are willing to gift one to your loved one, then this article is for you. 

[1] Decorative plants 

Decorative plants are the best category of plant that you can give to your dearest ones. It can help them to enhance their bedrooms, dining hall, or garden. Giving a decorative plant such as Star Aloe vera, cactus, Jade, Bonsai, lucky bamboo, etc., to your loved ones to make their occasion special. 

[2] Herbs Plants

Herbs are very useful plants that are beneficial for health. If you are in the mood to give a plant to your loved ones, then giving the herb plant to them is a very nice option. You can order the herb plants like Basil, Bay leaves, Mint, parsley, peppermint plants, etc., for gifting your dearest one that can help him/her cure small ailments. Moreover, such a gift will show your caring nature in front of your partner. 

If you are living in Bangalore, then you can order the plants from an online plant nursery in Bangalore to give to your loved ones. These online nurseries have a large variety of plants so that you can choose the best plants for your loved ones, and also, you don’t have to run here and there to buy these gifting plants.   

[3] Air Purifying Plants

Air is the most important thing in life, and its quality matters a lot for our health. You can give your dearest a plant that can purify the air of its surroundings and help them to breathe in clean and fresh air. Snake plants, spider plants, dracaena, areca palm, etc., are the best plants that you can give to your loved ones on any type of occasion. 

[4] Flowering Plants 

Most people love to plant flowers on their balconies, terraces, gardens, etc., to give an immense look to that region. So, you can give flowering plants to your loved ones so that they can use them to beautify their spaces. Giving them a Marigold, Lilies, Hibiscus, Carnations, Rose plant, etc. that can enhance your loved one’s home, and also, they will feel special about you when they receive this special gift from you.

[5] Bonsai plants 

Last but most decorative and eye-catching plants are Bonsai. These plants originated in Japan, but today they are loved around the world. Bonsai is a specially nurtured, very short-heightened, matured tree that looks like a plant and is considered the symbol of luck and harmony by the people. 

So, you can give bonsai plants to your loved ones that may help them to bring the golden days of their life. Ficus, Pachira, Tamarind, and Chinese Banyan bonsai are some examples of bonsai plants that are perfect for giving to anyone. 

To Wrap Up

As technology is evolving every day, everything is coming online, so using online sites for plant nurseries is the best option for ordering plants. In online nurseries, you can also select one plant from different plant categories and make a bunch; then, you can gift it to your loved ones. 

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