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A Guide to Taking a Driving Test for Beginners

  • January 22, 2022
  • 3 min read
A Guide to Taking a Driving Test for Beginners

What do Mariah Carey, Rick Ross, Cardi B, and Noel Gallagher have in common? 

Besides being big names in the music industry, they all have fantastic car collections but cannot drive. Of course, not having a license isn’t that big of a problem for celebrities. After all, they can always hire drivers, but if you’re not a star and don’t want to pay for a chauffeur, your choices are a bit limited.

That’s why it’s best to learn how to drive and get a license. Now, if you’re worried about taking a driving test, you’ve come to the right place. Here, we’ll talk about what you can do to pass your driving test.

Avoid These Things When Taking a Driving Test

Some people think passing a driving test is all about battling your nerves. While nerves are a factor, other things contribute to why some folks don’t make it on their first try.

One example would be wide turns. If you make one on a two-lane road and try to correct it without signaling, you could get an automatic fail. 

Another example is going too slow or too fast. Ignoring traffic signs is also a no-no and doing any dangerous maneuvers.

Eyes on the Road, Not the Examiner

Driving requires concentration, but be sure to focus on the road and not on the one who’s evaluating your driving. The more you glance at what the examiner is writing on their board, the more you’ll get distracted, and the likelier you’ll make a mistake.

Before you laser focus on what’s ahead of you, though, be sure you’re not missing your mirrors. As a driver, you have to be aware of your surroundings. Rather than noting the reactions of your examiner, it’s better to observe and be careful with how you interact with other vehicles. 

Remember: Practice Makes Improvement

Get lots of practice before the actual road test, preferably in the vehicle you’ll use for the actual exam.

You’ll want to be as comfortable behind the wheel as you can. It’s best always to have a driving instructor next to you, but if you don’t have one, ask a buddy or a loved one who’s a great driver. While you’re with them, ask them to be brutally honest about your driving skills. 

Now, if you still have lots of time before your DMV test, consider taking driving lessons from professional instructors. While your relatives may be excellent drivers, it’s still best to get feedback from someone whose job is to be objective about people’s driving capabilities.

You’re in the Driver’s Seat

Taking a driving test can make anyone feel nervous. However, don’t forget that you can always retake it, and when you do, you’ll do better because you followed the tips here, including practicing a lot.

If you have more questions about driving tests, be sure to make full use of the tons of resources online. You can also browse our site to learn more tips and advice about safe driving and to discover other exciting topics.  

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