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At-home workout: 5 Most Effective Ways To Lose Weight

  • March 4, 2022
  • 5 min read
At-home workout: 5 Most Effective Ways To Lose Weight



There are different ways by which one can lose weight without leaving the comfort of your home. There are some minute, simple lifestyle changes and weight loss plans that you can adopt to make you physically fit. This will help your general well-being and overall health. 

Poor diet is a major factor for unnecessary weight gain, which can lead to several medical conditions. Eating high-calorie content food is a form of gaining weight. To lose weight, you need to reduce your calorie intake. Excess calorie intake increases the amount of fat in the body, leading to obesity.

Chronic stress is another common factor that can affect body weight. Research has shown a high level of cortisol can increase the desire for calorie-dense food, leading to weight gain. To prevent weight gain, try to avoid being stressed. But if you are stressed already, some exercises can help you deal with stress.

The Importance Of Exercise

Physical exercise is the most common way of losing weight. If you want to lose weight, regular exercise is the best way to start your weight loss journey. You can formulate your weight loss plans with the help of a professional. The exercises in this plan will focus on toning the muscles and reducing fat in the body.

Best 5 At Home Workout To Lose Weight

There are several exercises that you can do at home to help you in your journey to losing weight. Here are the best five workouts that can facilitate weight loss.

  1. Running or Jogging

Running is great for weight loss. Research has shown an estimate that a person with a weight of 70 kg will lose about 372 calories within 30 minutes, provided that the person is running at a speed of 6mph.

Running can be easily incorporated into your daily routine as it can be done anywhere and at any time. Technology has also made it easier by manufacturing the treadmill that can be used for running in the house.

How to use the treadmill:

  • Get on the treadmill with your hand on the hand rest, then press the start button
  • Start with a low speed to warm up
  • Gradually increase the speed to as desired 

2] Squats

Squatting helps to work almost all the muscles in the lower body. The muscles involved in squatting are the glutes, thighs, calves, and hip muscles. 

Squatting is an exercise that we do unconsciously almost every day, so it will be easy to incorporate this into your weight loss plan.

How to squat:

  • Your feet should be apart, with your toes facing forward
  • Slowly bend your knees and squat
  • Ensure that your abs are tight and your torso is straight

3] Push-up

Like the squat, push-up uses almost all the muscles in the body. The push-up exercise will work the shoulders, chest, abs, back, thighs, and legs. The purpose of this workout is to increase the strength in the trunk and upper body.

How to do push-ups:

  • First, lie in a plank position
  • Your palms are placed face down on the floor, and your hands should be wider than your shoulders
  • Balance your body on your toes
  • Slowly bend your arms at the elbow joint and lower yourself to the floor
  • Ensure that each time your chest touches the floor before coming back up

4] Plank

The plank exercise, which is sometimes called hover, works the arms, leg, back, and abdominal muscles. This exercise is done to improve the core strength and also eliminate fats in the abdomen.

How to do planks:

  • Lie with your face down and elbows placed on the floor next to your chest
  • Imitate a push-up position and push your body off the floor
  • You should be on your toes and ensure to keep the body in a straight line
  1. Pulldown

The pulldown exercise works on the major back muscle, the latissimus dorsii. This exercise helps burn calories, strengthen the back, and tone the muscles.

How to do the pulldown:

  • Sit on the machine and hold the bar with your hands wide apart
  • Slightly lean back and flex your elbow
  • Pull the bar towards you and contract the outer muscle of the back 

Supplementary Options For Weight Loss

Aside from the simple lifestyle changes and physical exercises, there is another method to lose weight successfully. This method involves the use of dietary supplements.

The best weight loss supplements contain various ingredients that will help quickly burn out excess fat in the body. The ingredients used are natural materials that are not harmful to the body. 

If you want to lose weight and do not want to go through the stress of exercising, you can consider getting a weight loss supplement. Check out some Burn Evolved reviews to see what others say about dietary supplements for weight loss. 


Obesity is a condition that can lead to several other medical conditions. Aside from the negative effect that being overweight can cause, there is also the effect on emotional and mental health. Being overweight can lead to body shaming and low self-esteem.

However, the good thing is that there is a solution to being overweight. With regular exercise, you will be on the path to losing weight and being physically fit. You can also use the best weight loss supplement instead of going through the pain of exercising. 

Do not forget to check out the Burn Evolved reviews, as they can help you decide whether or not you want to use the dietary supplement route to lose weight. 

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