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How Do I Know If My Loved One Needs A Dual-Diagnosis Treatment Center?

  • January 10, 2023
  • 3 min read
How Do I Know If My Loved One Needs A Dual-Diagnosis Treatment Center?

If you’re worried that a loved one is struggling with a mental health disorder and addiction, they may need to seek help from a dual diagnosis treatment center. A dual-diagnosis treatment center treats individuals with mental health issues and substance abuse. Knowing if your loved one needs this type of care can be challenging, but several signs can indicate the need for professional help.

Unexplained Behavioral Changes

The most common sign of drug addiction or mental illness is unexplained behavioral changes. This could include sudden mood swings, irritability, aggression, isolation, changes in hygiene habits, or any other behavior that is out of character for your loved one.

Physical Health Deterioration

Have you asked yourself: Where can I find dual diagnosis treatment centers near me? If you notice your loved one has suddenly begun to look unkempt or malnourished or if they’re exhibiting physical signs of withdrawal such as shaking and sweating, these could be signs of an addiction or mental illness that requires treatment from a dual diagnosis program. 

Lack of Interest in Activities They Used to Enjoy 

Suppose someone close to you used to enjoy certain activities but is suddenly no longer interested in them. In that case, this could indicate something more profound, like drug addiction or depression. Where can I find dual-diagnosis treatment centers near me? 

Financial Problems 

Substance abuse often leads to financial difficulties due to the cost associated with drugs and alcohol, as well as lost wages resulting from time taken off work due to hangovers or sickness related to substance use disorders. 

Relationship Issues

Where can I find dual-diagnosis treatment centers near me? Suppose your loved one has difficulty maintaining relationships due to substance use or mental health issues. In that case, it’s time for them to seek professional help to get back on track with their personal life goals and objectives. 

Legal Troubles

Addiction and mental health problems can lead people into legal trouble due to reckless behavior while under the influence or not being able to take care of themselves due to neglecting their surroundings and needs while dealing with a substance use disorder and mental illness.

Thoughts Of Self-Harm

Lastly, thoughts of self-harm are always cause for alarm and should never be taken lightly; if your loved one expresses thoughts about harming themselves, then it’s time for them to seek professional help at once.

Dual Diagnosis Treatment Centers Near Me? – In Conclusion

When someone you love is suffering from both a mental illness and an addiction disorder at the same time, it can be hard knowing what steps need to be taken next, but seeking out specialized care from a dual-diagnosis treatment center is often the best way forward for those suffering from co-occurring disorders. Knowing the warning signs can make it much easier for you to spot when someone might need this kind of specialized care, so keep an eye out for any changes in behavior, physical deterioration, lack of interest in previously enjoyed activities, financial troubles, relationship problems, legal troubles, and thoughts on self-harm so that you can make sure your loved ones get the help they need.

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