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Shortest Quests in OSRS

  • August 12, 2021
  • 5 min read
Shortest Quests in OSRS

These are the shortest/quickest quests to choose from in Old School Runescape.

Playing through OSRS quests can have a lot of benefits to you when playing OSRS. They are great ways of earning experience, taking in a story or two, and much more if you are willing to part with your spare time and some OSRS gold here and there. However, if you are short on said time, then there are a few OSRS quests that you can take part in that won’t take you long.

Monk’s Friend

This is a majorly short quest in Old School Runescape. In fact, it should only take you roughly five minutes to finish it. This OSRS quest is about a monk’s child that has had their blanket stolen from them. You will need to find the thief’s den to retrieve the blanket and return it.

The only thing you need for the Monk’s friend quest is the ability to be able to run past 14 thieves. There is a level 26 one to deal with as well. To start this novice quest, all you have to do is go to the monastery south of Ardougne. You can reach it from the Fishing Trawler teleport as well.

Clock Tower

Another short quest in OSRS takes you to the Clock Tower. You have probably already guessed where this is going to start. In case you are unaware, you are going to be going to the Clock Tower that is to the south of East Ardougne. Here you will need to speak with Brother Kojo.

It turns out that Kojo is missing some cogs, and needs you to help find them to fix the watchtower. This tasks you with running through a dungeon to find the four pieces.

Druidic Ritual

Next, we have the Druidic Ritual. For this quest, you need to speak with Kaqmeex to the north of Taverley, where you find the stone circle. Here you’ll find Druids that need your help to make a potion. This will aid them in their bid to regain control of the stone circle, found to the south of Varrock.

With no requirements except some raw meats, this Druidic Ritual is a quest that you will be finishing in no time at all.

The Restless Ghost

For a short yet spooky ques – this time we are investigating a restless ghost that is haunting the Lumbridge graveyard. Our goal here is to find a way to be able to get rid of the spirit. The church of Saradomin’s priest wants you to do away with the restless ghost, so to start the Restless Ghost quest you need to go over to Lumbridge Castle and find Father Aereck in the chapel.

No OSRS items are required for the Restless Ghost quest either. All you have to do is be able to run away from level 13 skeletons, unless you are able to kill them yourself.

Ernest the Chicken

Poor Veronica seems very worried indeed. Apparently, her partner has gone off to an eerie manor house in order to ask for directions. An hour has passed and there is still no sign of him. Go to the south of Draynor Manor where the gate is, and talk to Veronica.

Another drastically short quest in OSRS you will find, and all you need to do is be able to defend yourself against a level 22 skeleton. Any OSRS items that you do need can be obtained in the Ernest the Chicken quest itself.

Goblin Diplomacy

This Goblin Diplomacy quest isn’t long, and also offers us 5 OSRS quest points for our troubles. To start this simple outing, we need to speak with either General Wartface or General Bentnoze within the Goblin Village. You’ll soon discover that there has been a disturbance of sorts in the village. You need to help out the goblins to solve their issues to prevent them from rioting and causing havoc. How do you do this? By deciding what colour they should be wearing.

You are going to need a bunch of OSRS items, predominantly revolving around dye, and you’ll have to part with a very small amount of OSRS GP. Not enough for you to have to buy OSRS gold, however, so don’t panic.

These are all great choices for the shortest quests in OSRS if you are short in time but want to take in a quick adventure. The difficulty is minimal, so don’t worry about having to whip out the twisted bow or anything. Parting with your currency is virtually non-existent, so don’t bother looking for OSRS gold for sale. When you are ready to commit to longer OSRS quests then fear not, as there are plenty waiting for you in the wide world of Old School Runescape.

Have you finished these shortest quests in OSRS? Let us know your experience with your adventure in the comments section below!

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