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The Brief Guide That Makes Choosing the Best Car Tires Simple

  • January 22, 2022
  • 3 min read
The Brief Guide That Makes Choosing the Best Car Tires Simple

When it’s time to replace the tires on your vehicle, do you know what to do? Not all tires are the same, so it’s critical to understand the main types. Additionally, you’ll need to figure out how to match your driving priorities to your budget.

Read on to find a brief guide that makes choosing the best car tires simple!

Be Clear on Your Budget

A new tire can be less than $100 or it can be a few hundred dollars. When you multiply that number by four, you’ll need to see what fits into your budget. 

While you can get used tires for a fraction of the price, be aware that they won’t last as long. They can be a good interim solution, though, if you need to replace a tire on a road trip. 

Ask how many miles of wear a used tire has, as well as whether it has been patched. A new tire should last around 50,000 if not more.

Investigate the Types of Car Tires

Especially if you’re a first time car buyer, it’s worth investigating the different types of car tires in the automotive industry. From all-season to snow tires, there’s a tire for every need.

If you drive on clean pavement in a mild climate, you might be able to get away with summer tires. All-season tires are similar but usually have a deeper tread depth. Both tires can be responsive on wet pavement, too.

Determine the Best Car Tires for Your Needs

Are you driving in lots of city traffic? Or are you in rugged terrain where 4×4 wheels make more sense? Take stock of the type of driving you do.

If your commute involves highway driving, you want tires that provide a strong braking distance. You may need to slow down suddenly when you’re driving 70 miles per hour. On curvier country roads, you should prioritize tires with better grip and stability.

And if you’re entering construction sites or driving on rugged terrain, you need more rugged types of tires. Look for tires rated highly for deep tread depth and stability. And in any driving scenario, look for tires that are quiet.

Consider Tires to Match Your Location

The best car tires are ones that match the needs of your location. You may want to upgrade if you experience lots of rain or snow.

For instance, if you live in a place with severe winter weather conditions, invest in snow tires. These tires offer deeper tread and better traction. If you have a commute or need to travel for work, these tires will reduce the risk of sliding off the road.

Even though you’ll need to spend another $500-1000 to get a set, you’ll be able to give your other tires a break. You can stash them in the garage during winter, meaning you can extend their life. 

Get the Right Tires for the Job

Getting the best car tires is a crucial component of vehicle ownership. After determining a budget, consider your travel or commuting needs. Then zero in on a set of tires that will provide the cushion and traction you want.

Need more tips to stay on the road? Check back for new articles.

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