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Today’s Best Football Betting Tips & Predictions

  • December 20, 2022
  • 4 min read
Today’s Best Football Betting Tips & Predictions

There is no shortage of footballing events to bet on across all sportsbooks in the world. Even when no major football event is ongoing, there are minor leagues to feast on. Make sure you know which match to bet on before proceeding.

In this short tips and predictions entry, we will provide you with tips on the upcoming major and minor football matches. 

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Now that the 2022 FIFA World Cup is nearing its natural conclusion, the odds are laid out across the sites on every possible result of the highly anticipated quadrennial event.

Argentina v France

In the exciting conclusion of the FIFA World Cup, Argentina is scheduled to clash with France, the current defending champion of the FIFA World Cup. 

Both teams are set to break world cup history once each one of them wins. Once Argentina wins, this will be the first and last World Cup win of football legend Lionel Messi before he retires. On the other hand, once France wins, this will be the first time France will have a back-to-back win and the first after 60 years.

Of course, it is expected that both teams will be equally matched in each half of the game. Also, Messi and Kylian Mbappe will score goals for each of their respective teams. Although due to the quality of both teams, it is expected that a draw will be produced in the finals according to Soikeobong football recommendations.

Croatia v Morocco

Both Croatia and Morocco were defeated by the top two teams in the World Cup at the conclusion of the knockout stages. Croatia had the worst match with Argentina but they were one inch closer to having a rematch with France who defeated them in the finals of the 2018 edition of the World Cup. 

Meanwhile, Morocco became a huge surprise in this edition of the FIFA World Cup. The African country was an underdog and emerged as a hero as the tournament progressed.

Watch live football online for Other Events

While other football leagues were suddenly disrupted due to the ongoing FIFA World Cup, several leagues are still ongoing that are also offering lucrative odds to win. In this Soikeobong football recommendation, we have a rundown of what is going to be on the weekend.

Cardiff v Blackpool

There is brewing excitement in the upcoming match between Cardiff City and Blackpool in the EFL Championship. The second tier of the English football league system has laid the fixture for both teams. 

Cardiff City has scored seven goals in their last five home matches, while Blackpool is gasping for more goals as they produced only once in their previous games. Cardiff will gain an upper hand in this game.

Burnley and Middlesbrough

Middlesbrough has been consistent in winning their recent matches including one friendly game with Hibernian. However, the freshly relegated team Burnley is expected to not give up without putting up a good game. A lot of sportsbooks agreed that Burnley will win the match in the end scoring more goals than their counterpart.

Apollon Limassol v Doxa Katokopias

In the Cypriot First Division game, it is expected that Apollon Limassol will win the match against Doxa Katokopias. Despite struggling this season on scoring more goals than 1, Apollon will beat Doxa with six points.


The end of this week is filled with exciting football matches both on international and European stages. The 2022 FIFA World Cup will end on December 18 with either the victory of France or Argentina. Indeed, the World Cup is expected to be intense and dramatic due to the high-profile sides involved.

To ensure that you will never miss out on the bandwagon, follow the soikeobongda football recommendations we mentioned here.

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