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Ultimate guide of installing or repairing domestic RO water purifier

  • July 26, 2021
  • 6 min read

Water is the basic need to human being. Due to environmental damage and pollutions it is very hard to find pure drinking water. There is need of domestic ro installation in every house as just boiling water doesn’t remove all the bacteria and microorganisms from it. Drinking impure water causes diseases like anemia and brain damage.

RO is the acronym of Reverse Osmosis. RO water purifier is highly recommended for the treatment of the hard water. It totally removes the harmful materials from the water like lead, mercury, chorine, fluoride.

Many Domestic RO Purifier Repair Service Providers are available which provides excellent repair and installation services of water purifier. It is very difficult to select good water purifier for home from the different available purifiers in the market.

Customer should consider certain things before purchasing water purifier for the domestic use. This article provides detailed information about different available domestic ro purifiers and their repairing services.

  • Water source:

Customer need to identify the water source from which water is supplied to home. There are 2 types of water hard water and soft water. Underground water, bore wells water and water supplied from tankers are comes under hard water sources.

If the water from your house is comes from the municipality, rain harvesting or rivers then it falls under soft water category.

  • Level of impurity:

If the supplied water is having high level of bacteria and viruses then customer need to have a powerful water purifier for their house. If water is contained high level of impurity then customer should go for RO+ UV water purifier otherwise customer can go for RO water purifier.

  • Budget:

Large varieties of water purifiers are available in the market. Customers can select the best water purifier according to their budget. The price of water purifiers starts from 7000 Rupees onwards. Gravity based water purifier are also available for the customer which are having low budget.

  • Other factors:

Some water purifiers need electric supply or some doesn’t need electricity to purify water. Customer can select the table mounted water purifier or the space saving wall mounted water purifiers depending upon the available space. Almost all water purifier needs continuous water supply with sufficient water pressure. Customer should make arrangements of space, electricity and water source inlet.

Top 5 domestic RO purifiers available in market:

  • Kent Grand Plus water purifier:

It is one of the best RO purifier available in the market. It offers healthy drinking water by double water purification with RO + UV + UF + TDS. No matter from which sources the water comes to your house it is suitable for every source of water. It comes with wall-mountable design and provides 8 liter of storage capacity with 15 liter per hour purification rate.

  • Kent pearl RO water purifier:

It is mostly suitable for the modern kitchen as it comes with table mounted and wall mounted design. It is NSF and WQA certified and provides water by RO + UV + UF + TDS controller processes. It need to continuous electricity supply for its double purification process. Its purification rate is 15 liter per hour. It has large life time because it provides auto off, auto on features and auto flushing system.

It automatically cleans RO membrane and removes the impurities on its surface if any. Customer can separate the Kent pearl RO’s water tank form its filter and easily clean it.

  • Pure it ultimate water purifier (RO + UV):

It has 10 liter storage capacity and ideal for the joint families It is one of the highly sale water purifier of Hindustan Unilever (HUL) due to its 6 stage purification process. It uses the process of RO + UV for the treatment of water and offers safe and healthy drinking water to customers. It has wall mounted design and purification rate of Pure It Ultima is 12 liter per hour. It comes with ABS plastic body and neon flash belt. It is also having digital advance alert system and purity LED indicator.

  • Aquaguard Geneus:

It has a reserve mode which can extend the service life of water purifier by 20 working hours by pressing only one button. It automatically selects the purification process depending upon the water source of the customer. It has comparatively less storage capacity mostly suitable for nuclear families.

It is having auto mineral modulator, intelligent e-boiling and attractive design with LED display.

  • Kent Supreme RO water purifier:

Water is one of the most valuable elements in these days. Kent supreme water purifier comes with zero water wastage technology. It has two storage tanks 9 liter each. One tank is for purified water and other one for rejected water.  Rejected water can be used for the different purposes like cleaning, car washing, mopping. It is having NSF and WQA certification for its best quality and water purification methodology.

It is quite expensive due to its patented minerals RO TM technology but highly used for water purification in India.

Only purchasing water purifier not enough, it need to properly installed and maintain for the good service. They deal with installation of all kind RO water purifiers and their repair. Typically RO water purifiers are having few sets of problems like:

  • Leakage problem:

This is most common problem of RO water purifier users because of loose fitting of integral filter parts of RO water purifier. Customer can fix this problem by tightening your integral parts of water purifier.

Another reason of leakage can be pressure of tap. User should not set the tap with high pressure if the incoming water is comes with full force. User need to replace the water tap in this case. If the leakage is in RO faucet then user need to replace the overall faucet system.

  • Bad odor or bad taste from water:

After installing new water purifier user should drain full storage tank water at least one time for the good taste of water.

For the problem of bad odor, user can wait for some time for the bad smell and taste of water goes away by draining the storage tank 4-5 times. If still user faced the same problem then user needs to replace the filter.

  • Water flow from outlet is very slow:

If the TDS level of your water source is very high then customer may experience the slow water flow from RO tap. Classically in rainy season the TDS level of water get increased. If the TDS of RO is fine still having slow flow then there is possibility of chocking of the filter and it needs to be replaced.

  • Noisy faucet and Vibrations in water purifiers:

User can straight and checks the water purifier tube for any kind twist or bend.  User can experience noise due to use of air gap faucet.  If users recently change the water purifier filter then they can experience the vibrations in water due to difference in pressure of water filter which is normal. Generally the noise get reduce after 2-3 after replacing water filter.Domestic ro repair services offers all kind of services at reasonable cost by the highly trained and experienced team.

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